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otter gliding along in the sunshine near Castle Tioram
A celebration of new life

9th July 2017

As the West Highland summer kicks in we are besieged by a plethora of youngsters, from pine marten kits to osprey chicks to baby slow-worms. We have enjoyed a couple of t… Read More

Two young otters watching
New autumn holiday

21st June 2017

Due to popular demand we are adding an extra full wildlife week this September. Early Autumn Wildlife 16th - 23rd September. Read More

Recent non-lepidopteran highlights

16th June 2017

Of course, we do not just look at butterflies at this time of year. Flowers of note include orchids, which are just starting to flower in numbers now. The local narrow-le… Read More

Chequered skipper
Spring Butterflies in Lochaber

12th June 2017

At this time of year our attention becomes fixed on our local butterfly populations, particularly those of the chequered skipper. Found only within a thirty-mile radius o… Read More

Our squirrel feeder
Spring Highlights 2017

20th May 2017

Here at Glenloy Wildlife we have been particularly busy over the last few weeks as we kick into the height of the new season. Already we have had many great sightings, so… Read More

Otter and Eagles 2017

7th April 2017

We have just completed our annual otter and eagle break, and have enjoyed a successful few days, looking for these and a wealth of other wildlife. Coming soon after the c… Read More

First Chiffchaff of Spring

31st March 2017

We have been busy over the past couple of weeks, re-visiting old haunts and seeing what there is about in preparation for the new season. Already folk are starting to arr… Read More

Kingairloch goat and kid
Half-day Trip Anyone?

10th February 2017

We have had a number of requests for half-day trips with Glenloy Wildlife recently, so as it was fine yesterday we decided to test out a route that we cover in full day s… Read More

waxwings Aviemore
New Year, New Challenges

22nd January 2017

Armed with a series of resolutions to get out there and explore even further, we have taken advantage of some great breaks in the weather to see what we could find. The p… Read More

Jon in Arkaig Forest looking over Loch Arkaig
Christmas 2016

6th January 2017

Here at Glen Loy we can never be too sure what the weather will bring over the Festive Season. For the past few years wind and rain seem to have been the norm, with varia… Read More

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