There are a number of questions we are often asked about our wildlife holidays, we have listed below the answers to some of the most common but please get in touch if you have more.

Q. Is there a supplement for single guests?

A. No – all guests will have their own en suite room at Glenloy Lodge, if required.


Q. Is there an age limit on guests?

A. There is no upper age limit on guests providing you are fit and able to cope with getting in and out of a minibus and can manage some walking each day. Children over the age of 8 are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a parent and can manage long days in a minibus.


Q. What is the group size and make-up of tours?

A. We can take a maximum of 8 guests in a minibus, and will not operate with larger groups than that. Normally we would only run a tour with a minimum of 2 guests, but please ask if in any doubt. Single travellers are welcome and we normally have a combination of singles, couples and occasionally a family. Groups of up to 8 are more than welcome to either book a scheduled holiday or a private tour.


Q. Will I be able to cope with the walking?

A. We aim to have at least one decent walk of up to three miles each day, and this can be over rough ground (i.e. not necessarily on a surfaced path). All walks are undertaken with the aim of spotting wildlife, however, and are generally taken at a very leisurely pace with frequent stops to look at things. Please do bear in mind that the Highlands of Scotland are not flat, and that there may be some gradients to negotiate! If you have any further worries, please feel free to ring and discuss. You are welcome to sit out any walks if you have had enough for one day and we always try to find somewhere nice to park!


Q. Can I reach you by public transport?

A. There is no public transport directly to the Lodge, but we are happy to pick up guests on holidays or arranged breaks from either the bus or train station at Fort William, free of charge. Similarly, we will arrange pick-ups for day trips from a convenient location in or near Fort William, which is accessible by public transport, depending on direction of travel. Please ask for details when booking.                                     We will also consider pick-ups from the train at Kingussie or Inverness airport for special, bespoke tours, but this will be factored in to the cost of you holiday.


Q .Do you cater for vegetarians?

A. We are happy to provide suitable meals for vegetarians, vegans and people with other dietary requirements, such as gluten intolerance. Please let us know in advance when booking (including for day trips). It is also helpful if you can tell us any particular dislikes.


Q. Do you serve drinks in the Lodge?

A. We do not have a drinks licence so cannot sell alcohol, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. We are happy to provide corkage. We can also stop off at the supermarket when you arrive to stock up on anything you need, to save you having to carry bottles on public transport.


Q. Do I need to bring anything else with me on my holiday?

A. All meals and transport are provided, so the only things you need to bring are items of a personal nature and any alcohol (see above). As the weather in Scotland is unpredictable we do recommend that you pack some warm clothing and also a full set of waterproofs, together with walking boots or strong waterproof shoes suitable for walking. For those bringing their own vehicles a pair of wellies might also be a good idea. We have plenty of room to put things in the minibus, so feel free to bring as much as you want, within reason. We recommend that you bring your own binoculars and scopes, if needed, although we will provide binoculars for those that do not have them and will always carry a scope. We also recommend that you bring some insect repellent (the favoured brands are Avon Skin So Soft for midges, and Smidge as a general DEET-based repellent), although we will carry both. The more optimistic of you might also consider some sun block, particularly useful for boat trips.


Q. Are midges a problem in Lochaber?

A. We are blessed with the Highland midge which usually flies from late May to mid-September, although this is weather dependent. Generally bright sun or a breeze will be enough to discourage these, but inevitably it pays to bring some repellent (see above), particularly if you are susceptible to being bitten (this varies greatly from person to person).


Q. Are your holidays suitable for wildlife photographers?

A. We welcome wildlife photographers on our tours, although these are
not specifically designed for photography. We move at a slow pace and
allow plenty of time for photography, with plenty of interesting
subjects from landscapes through plants and insects to birds and
mammals. We do not, however, guarantee close views of birds and mammals
and do not specifically provide baits or hides for the latter. Pine
martens may be easily photographed from the Lodge, but generally this
has to be achieved through glass, as they do not often stay still if
people are outside.

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