Green Policy

At Glenloy Wildlife we are committed to working in a sustainable way and try to be proactive in our concern for the environment. In order to achieve this we comply with all current environmental legislation and approved codes of practice and undertake the following actions:

1. We try to reduce pollution, waste and emissions by –

  • Pollution: We only use environmentally friendly cleaners and laundry products (such as Ecover) and try to avoid anything nasty going into our septic tank.
  • Waste: We compost all veg waste, any other suitable food waste keeps our birds and pine martens well fed. We recycle all we can including textiles, books and furniture.
  • Emissions: We try to drive as economically as possible and our vehicles are all regularly serviced. Glenloy Lodge is fully double glazed and loft insulated to reduce the amount of heat we lose.

2. We try to reduce the energy, water & other resources we use by –

  • Energy: We only use low energy light bulbs and will replace with LED as and when. Our appliances are all rated A+ or better.
  • Water: All our toilet cisterns have ‘Hippos’ in and we use rainwater butts to water the greenhouse and garden.

3. Wherever possible we use local suppliers and tradespeople and we also support suppliers who share our environmental and ethical standards such as Ethical Superstore and Real Foods.

4. Glenloy Wildlife is passionate about Lochaber and it is a privilege to live in such a beautiful place, we want to help keep it that way and help others to appreciate it, so we actively support environmental projects in our local area:WL logo

  • Wild Lochaber  – we are part of a small group who initiated the annual Wild Lochaber Festival and continue to organise and support it and other Wild Lochaber projects such as the trails leaflets.Lochaber geopark lgo
  • Lochaber Geopark – we support this great local organisation and Jon is on the board of directors                                              .
  • Arkaig Community Forest– with her community woodland background Angela has become involved with a local initiative to take ownership of a forest and pinewood on Loch arkaig CF logoArkaig.




5. We try to keep up with relevant environmental issues and support charities and organisations who share our concerns, for more follow our FB page.

6. We try to help our guests to use products and services in an environmentally responsible way. Green tips


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