Corona Virus and Glenloy Wildlife

Published: 12th March 2020

This is just a quick note to update all potential guests on the current situation regarding the current pandemic and Glenloy Wildlife holidays or breaks. As at present (12th March) the following applies.

We are still running our full scheduled programme of activities. BUT:

If you contract corona virus, have any signs of respiratory illness, or have come into contact with anyone known to have contracted corona virus within the last 14 days, then please do not travel. If you have made a booking we will try our best to reschedule your holiday once your situation improves.

If either Angela or I contract corona virus then we will have to cancel existing holidays in the short term. In the event of cancellation by Glenloy Wildlife you will have the option of either a full refund (including deposit) or we will try to reschedule.

Currently there have only been 36 reported cases of corona virus in Scotland, (and none in the Highlands) so the risks of contracting the virus are very low. Our group sizes are small (eight people maximum in a single minibus). Whilst you are on holiday we are out in sparsely populated areas where we do not mix much with the wider population or visit public buildings, with the exception of public conveniences that have soap and water (although not always hot). We carry hand sanitiser and advise guests to follow government recommendations about hand-washing and use of tissues.