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Monarch butterflies
Happy 2019!

11th January 2019

A Happy and Prosperous New Year from Glenloy Wildlife! I realise it has been some time since I wrote an update, but as usual things have been hectic since the tail of las… Read More

Wintry October Glenloy
October Migrants and Other Highlights

28th October 2018

We have had a busy end of season at Glenloy Wildlife, with two full week holidays in October, a bespoke holiday for some welcome returning guests, and a number of pine ma… Read More

Otter with conger eel
September 2018 Highlights

28th October 2018

September has been unseasonably wet and windy in the NW Highlands, making wildlife watching a little more challenging. Nevertheless, we have had a couple of successful wi… Read More

White tailed Eagle
High Summer – or early Autumn?

31st August 2018

Just completed a late summer holiday with Glenloy Wildlife. The temperatures were much more suggestive of autumn than winter, and the radiators have definitely been in ac… Read More

Holiday Dates 2019

27th August 2018

Holiday dates for 2019 with some new holidays and short breaks added. For more details click here to download   15/3/19 – 19/3/19 (4 nights) Winter Wildlife £… Read More

Blackthroated diver Morvern
Normal Service Resumed

8th August 2018

We have been busy running holidays for the past few weeks, so this is somewhat of a catch-up blog. Whilst the rest of the country has continued to swelter, here it has be… Read More

Azure hawker eating prey on Jon's shirt
Highland Dragonflies

20th July 2018

Taking advantage of the second (!) protracted spell of hot, sunny weather here in the West Highlands we have been searching hard for dragonflies over the last couple of w… Read More

otter eating scorpion fish
Early Summer Scorcher

10th July 2018

Along with the rest of the West Highlands, Glen Loy has been enjoying some brilliant weather so far this year. What a pleasant change that makes from the cool damp summer… Read More

Mating chequered skippers Glen Loy
Butterfly Weather!

12th June 2018

Well, what a couple of weeks we have just had in the West Highlands! - wall to wall sunshine and temperatures up to 29oC. All sorts of insects on the wing, not least of w… Read More

First chequered skipper
Highland Spring Underway

23rd May 2018

Here in Lochaber we have reached probably the best time of the year to visit. The oak leaves are just starting to unfurl, the bluebells are unfolding, the gorse is glowin… Read More

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