Easter Catch-up

Published: 22nd April 2009

Things have been pretty hectic at Glenloy of late, but now have finally got time to draw breath and provide an update.

Have had a great spell of weather of late, which completely coincided with the holiday of our first wildife guest of the season – so she was sent home a happy (Easter) bunny – the first lambs of the season also brought out the coos.

Saw our first swallow of the year at Oban on Monday (20th). Migrants have been coming in thick and fast – willow warblers appear to be singing from every bush and tree, having first appeared on the 11th – only 3 days after our first chiffchaffs – so didn't have time to get fed up with chiffing and chaffing before the willow wrens kicked in. Delighted to see our local ospreys back on Sunday (19th). We were worried about these as their nest uhad blown down over the winter, but two birds – presumably a pair- were perched on the same tree and looked to be rebuildling. Also had the first sandpipers along Loch Arkaig on the same day.

Lots of great northern divers up and down the coast – oftne in groups of 3 or more, and in all stages of transition from winter plumage to full breeding plumage – very handsome. A few red throats are also appearing but black-throated have been pretty elusive this last week.

Spring flowers are also coming into their own, with lots of lovely patches of wood anemone, carpets of primrose and celandine. Mayflower also appears to be locally abundant, and quite early. The first bluebells are starting to flower near the coast, and it won't be long before they are everywhere. Even the oaks are starting to leaf – no sign of ash though – sign of a dry summer??

Had good views of deer by side of road (most of antlers now shed) seals and pine marten to entertain our guest. Jim of Eagle Watch Cruises, Loch Shiel, did us proud as usual, with good, if distant, sightings of a goldie. Loch was beautiful and startlingnly clear last Friday, despite a breeze on the way back. Saw the West Highlands at its best in the spring sunshine – long may it continue.