Glen Roy expedition

Published: 21st March 2009

Beautiful series of sunny spring days here in Lochaber this week .Explored the upper part of Glen Roy, hoping for eagle sightings. Not a lot about yet, and even had to get right up to the end of the track near the bothy before seeing a group of hinds. Still spooked from the culling season. The most prominent wildlife was the frogs, which were everywhere. Little males clinched big butch females in amplexus in every little puddle and roadside ditch. Ample spawn produced. A more surprising sighting was that of the first lizards of the year. These are still quite sluggish and don't sem to disappear quite as easily as usual, although mercifully still too quick for the dog. We did get to see our eagle – a juvenile, with a prominent white patch on its tail, possibly a male. It quartered the hill fairly close to us for some time, and we had good views. Scenery fascinating, with the parallel roads continuing above for almost the whole way, with additional glaciated valleys joining Glen Roy as side branches. The river terracing looks quite strange, and discontinuous – must find out more about how it was formed. On the way back we were equally surprised to see a couple of rabbits at Brae Roy – a long way up the glen, and surely at some distance from the nearest population.

Angela saw the first sand martin of the year on Wednesday, by the River Lochy.

A more gruesome find today – a sparrowhawk corpse by the side of the road, with its wings outstretched and its brest eaten. Obviously killed by another bird of prey – peregrine or goshawk?