Ospreys on the move

Published: 14th August 2009

The local osprey chicks at Loch Lochy were fledged a couple of weeks ago and are now venturing further afield. The last time I checked the nest there were two scruffy chicks balanced on the top tearing at a fish, despite the nest having been empty and only one juvenile perched on a nearby dead tree a couple of hours previously. This week they are obviously exploring a little more, using the River Lochy and canal as navigation aids. I saw two juveniles over the canal at Moy yesterday, while Angela saw a bird (possibly adult) from our drive earlier in the week. It won't be long before the adults disappear back to Africa, but hopefully the young will hang around for a few more weeks yet.

A rae day of sunshine brought out some small coppers yesterday, along with the upbiquitous Scotch Argus.

Fungi are more appropriate to the weather, however, and we enjoyed our first chanterelles of the year last weekend. There seems to be a good crop of boletes and russulas along the Glen Loy road, along with some interesting and distinctive purple coral-like fungi (must search these out). A distinctive smell enabled me to locate two freshly emerged stinkhorns along the side of the canal. There is a very heavy crop of rowan berries, which makes the trees stand out proudly – there are far more up and down the Loy than previously thought.

Bats are emerging from a small roost in the Lodge at dusk, and I managed to get the bat detector onto them last night. Most probably Soprano Pipistrelles, as they were noisiest at 55kHz.. They hunt at quite a low level below the main branches of some big conifers before disappearing off, presumably up the glen.