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Pine Marten Break | £60

Spend the evening on a bed and breakfast basis at Glenloy Lodge and spend an unlimited time watching pine martens and other wildlife at the lodge. Use our local knowledge to guide you towards other local wildlife on breaks of two or more days. Why not incorporate a guided trip with Glenloy Wildlife during your break? Pine marten trips available on dates when we are not running wildlife holidays… read more
Holiday Type : Pine Marten & Other Wildlife Breaks

Bespoke Holidays | £330

A fully escorted, all-inclusive wildlife holiday at dates to suit yourself (outwith designated wildlife holiday times). Based at Glenloy Lodge we will explore the wildlife and landscape of Lochaber and the West Highlands, with the option of going slightly further afield to pick up extra species, if so desired. The itinerary will be fully discussed and tailored to your wishes. Pick-up from Fort Wil… read more
Holiday Type : Bespoke Holidays

Winter Wildlife | (4 nights) | £550
13/03/20 - 17/03/20

Deer are highly visible at this time of year, whilst eagles and otters should be easier to find in the short days. Great northern divers, displaying merganser and goldeneye will be around the west coast and other winter visitors will still be with us. One day will be spent on the Moray Firth looking at winter ducks, geese and waders. Blackcock lekking at a reasonable time! 13/03/2020 - 17/03/20… read more
Holiday Type : Short Breaks

Otters & Eagles | (4 nights) | £550
03/04/20 - 07/04/20

Focus on tracking and watching otters as well as looking for both golden and white-tailed eagles, both of which may still be displaying in Lochaber. Fully inclusive holiday with 4 nights dinner bed and breakfast and three full days of wildlife watching. The weather in early April in Lochaber can still be quite wintry but the days are longer and there are no midges yet. 03/04/2020 - 07/04/2020 … read more
Holiday Type : Short Breaks

West Highland Spring break | (4 nights) | £550
17/04/20 - 21/04/20

First flowers appear, including fantastic displays of wood anemones and celandine. Eagles are starting to nest, while a variety of winter visitors are busy displaying prior to migration. First summer visitors such as sand martin and wheatear arrive. Deer still low down on hills, while otters are highly visible. Black-grouse lek at its peak. Bryophytes and lichens still uncovered by spring leaves. … read more
Holiday Type : Short Breaks

Early Spring Birds | (7 nights) | £945
02/05/20 - 09/05/20

Migrant birds are arriving including wood warbler, tree pipit, cuckoo, grasshopper warbler and redstart. Great northern divers should be in full breeding plumage prior to flying north, with black guillemot, Slavonian grebe and black-throated diver now also in summer plumage. Corncrakes recently arrived on Muck, and ring ouzel pairing up in the glens.  First butterflies on the wing include Pearl-b… read more
Holiday Type : Wildlife Holidays

Late Spring Birds | (7 nights) | £945
16/05/20 - 23/05/20

Bluebells are at their best at the moment and form a wonderful backdrop to the song of woodland migrants, including wood warbler, redstart and spotted flycatcher. Black throated diver, Slavonian grebe and common scoter nesting. Seabirds and corncrake back in the Inner Hebrides, with chance of early cetaceans. Black grouse still active. Chance of early chequered skippers and other insects. Early or… read more
Holiday Type : Wildlife Holidays

Chequered Skipper Butterfly break | (4 nights) | £550
25/05/20 - 29/05/20

Chequered Skippers, Pearl-bordered Fritillaries and Green Hairstreak all feature as well as specialist moths such as the Narrow-Bordered Bee-hawkmoth and Argent and Sable. Also may look for Dingy Skipper and/or Small Blue. 25/05/2020 - 29/05/2020                         4 nights dinner, bed and breakfast with 3 full days butterfly hunting, lunch included. Cost: £550 Suggeste… read more
Holiday Type : Short Breaks

Spring butterflies and other wildlife | (7 nights) | £945
30/05/20 - 06/06/20

A further chance to find Chequered Skipper and Marsh Fritillary as well as a range of other butterflies and early dragonflies. Orchids should start to appear, with swathes of northern marsh and heath-spotted orchids, as well as specialities such as lesser butterfly and small white orchid. Trip to Small Isles to look for cetaceans, seals and seabirds. Slavonian grebe nesting and raptors may be hunt… read more
Holiday Type : Full Week Wildlife Holidays

Highland Wildlife | (7 nights) | £1045
13/06/20 - 20/06/20

A trip to Speyside is included to look for Cairngorm NP specialities including, crested tit, slavonian grebe, osprey, and possible upland inhabitants such as ring ouzel and grouse. We also visit the Treshnish Isles, where seabird colonies are highly active, with puffins visiting burrows to feed young. Cetaceans should be arriving around the Small Isles. Golden-ringed dragonfly start to fly. Wild f… read more
Holiday Type : Full Week Wildlife Holidays

Northern dragonflies and other wildlife | (7 nights) | £945
27/06/20 - 04/07/20

We look for some of the Highland speciality dragonfly species such as Azure Hawker, Northern Emerald and White-faced Darter. We include trips to Glen Affric to look for Emeralds and Speyside to seek Northern Blue Damselfly, as well as a range of Caledonian Pinewood species. Seabird activity reaches its peak, with large numbers of shearwaters around the Small Isles, along with increased cetacean ac… read more
Holiday Type : Full Week Wildlife Holidays

Summer Butterflies and other wildlife | (7 nights) | £945
11/07/20 - 18/07/20

We will look for local speciality butterflies including; mountain ringlet, northern brown argus, large heath, the Scottish form of the speckled wood and,  possibly, early Scotch Argus. Speciality dragonflies such as Azure Hawker and Northern Emerald are also on the wing. Seabirds and cetaceans are active around the Inner Hebrides. Please note that we will be walking in upland areas so a reason… read more
Holiday Type : Wildlife Holidays

Highland Wildlife 2 | (7 nights) | £945
25/07/20 - 01/08/20

Summer flowers at their best, with displays of knapweed and hawkbits, with some wildflower meadows still to be cut. Summer butterflies, including Scotch Argus and dragonflies, including darters, will be on the wing. Some raptors start to fledge young. We will cover a variety of habitats, bird and mammal species, including pine martens, otters, and cetaceans around the Inner Hebrides. 25/07/2020… read more
Holiday Type : Full Week Wildlife Holidays

Highland High Summer | (7 nights) | £945
15/08/20 - 22/08/20

Recently fledged eagle and osprey chicks should be on the wing. Best time of year for cetaceans and other marine visitors. Great floral displays along the canal. Scotch argus on the wing, along with a good range of dragonflies. Young martens increasingly independent. Bats busy feeding in the evenings. 15/08/2020- 22/08/2020             7 nights dinner, bed & breakfast and 6 full days… read more
Holiday Type : Full Week Wildlife Holidays

Whales and other wildlife | (7 nights) | £1045
29/08/20 - 05/09/20

  We take at least two full day boat trips in search of whales, dolphins and basking sharks, one of which should take us to a basking shark hotspot. We also should have good eagle sightings as youngsters are taught to hunt by their parents. Black-throated divers, swallows and martins flock prior to migration. Blackcock start to lek again. 29/08/20 – 05/9/20    7 nights dinner, bed &… read more
Holiday Type : Full Week Wildlife Holidays

Early Autumn Wildlife | (7 nights) | £945
12/09/20 - 19/09/20

We focus on early autumn wildlife watching in very different locations throughout Lochaber and beyond. Includes a late boat trip to the Small Isles, with a good chance of minke whales and other cetaceans before the equinox. First signs of red deer rut. Raptors hunt pipits in the glens. First autumn migrants appear. Late summer dragonflies are still flying strongly, including common and southern ha… read more
Holiday Type : Full Week Wildlife Holidays

Eagles and Deer | (4 nights) | £550
25/09/20 - 29/09/20

Red deer rut is starting and we include an early morning trip to look for activity. Sika also rutting. Young golden and white-tailed eagles are becoming increasingly confident and are at their most visible. We travel to the end of the Ardnamurchan peninsula in search of all these iconic species and much more. 25/09/2020 - 29/09/2020   4 nights dinner, bed & breakfast and 3 full days wildl… read more
Holiday Type : Short Breaks

Red Deer Rut | (4 nights) | £550
02/10/20 - 06/10/20

Includes an early morning trip looking for deer. We also take a long day-trip across to Rum, weather permitting, to visit the famous rutting grounds at Kilmory, where a hide provides excellent views of study animals on the rutting ground. 02/09/2020 – 06/10/2020   4 nights dinner, bed & breakfast with 3 full days wildlife watching, lunch included. Please note we are unable to get to … read more
Holiday Type : Short Breaks

West Highland Autumn | (7 nights) | £945
10/10/20 - 17/10/20

We include a boat trip to Knoydart to explore this remote area. Red deer rut getting into full swing. Raptors hunt pipits in the glens. First autumn migrants appear. Trees start to turn, providing wonderful autumn colours. Ducks all back in breeding plumage. Harrier roost starts to form at the Insh marshes. 10/10/20 – 17/10/20  7 nights dinner, bed & breakfast with 6 full days wildlife w… read more
Holiday Type : Full Week Wildlife Holidays

Autumn Migrants | (4 nights) | £550
19/10/20 - 23/10/20

Catch the tail end of the red deer rut. We look for migrant ducks, geese and waders, which should have started to arrive, and include a trip to the Moray Firth as well as the mudflats of the west coast, and a boat trip too Knoydart. Bottlenose dolphins still around the Black Isle. Twite flock on the beaches. Black grouse visible. Winter divers return to the coast. 19/10/2020 - 23/10/2020  4 ni… read more
Holiday Type : Short Breaks