Sea Eagle at 12 o’clock

Published: 11th February 2009

Happened to be looking out of the dining room window at Glenloy Lodge today (11/2/09) as I was on the telephone (as you do), and was amazed to see a sea eagle coming straight towards me. Was able to watch it pass low over the roof of the house, run to the back door, and see it fly off up the glen. What was more startling was, as soon as I got outside, the sound of air rushing through its wings could be clearly heard.  Angela also heard and saw it as she was out the back, and thought there might have been a second bird that passed more distantly just before. The bird clearly had a white tail and a leg ring, but we did not notice any wing tag. These really are massive and truly impressive birds that cannot be mistaken for anything else. We assume it had come from the River Lochy, where there should be salmon kelts starting to appear. Later we went up the glen to see if it had hung around, Did not see any signs, but did see various groups of deer, and spectacular views of Glen Loy and the Nevis Range covered in a thick blanket of snow.