Full Week Wildlife Holidays

The classic 7-night, all-inclusive wildlife holiday, based at Glenloy Lodge. Holidays run from Saturday to Saturday and including 6 full days of guided wildlife watching, all boat and additional trips, all meals and optional pick-up and drop-off from Fort William. We explore the wildlife and landscape of Lochaber and surrounding area, looking for iconic Scottish species such as the ‘big five’ of golden eagle, red deer, otter, common seal and red squirrel, as well as divers, pine martens, sea eagles, and a wide variety of other wildlife. We also include plants and insects in our interests and will try to have at least one decent walk each day which allows us to look more closely at all aspects of the local ecology. Holiday titles reflect seasonal highlights, but on all holiday weeks we will cover a wide range of habitats and species. Holiday prices reflect additional transport costs in additional trips required for different targets, such as marine mammals, but at least one boat trip will be included in each week, weather permitting. (Minimum group size 2 maximum 7)

For each holiday we have given a suggested itinerary, this is to so that you have an idea of what to expect in any given week but isn’t definitive and actual trips will be dictated by weather conditions and what we have already seen.

To find details of particular holidays then look at Holiday Schedule and Prices which can be sorted according to when and what you might want to see

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