Chequered Skipper Break

The following itinerary gives an idea of what to expect this week. Exact locations will vary according to preferences and weather. Remember to check the flower beds and rhododendrons around the Lodge for butterflies and Narrow-bordered Bee-Hawkmoths

Monday: Arrival. Orientation. Pine marten watch (which can be held each evening!). Set up moth trap.

Tuesday: Check moth trap.

(am) Glen Loy. Check a number of different sites for butterflies, including chequered skipper, green hairstreak and both pearl-bordered and small pearl-bordered fritillary. Also chance of day flying moths such as argent-and-sable and narrow-bordered bee-hawkmoth. Learn about the ecology of the chequered skipper in this lovely glen.

(pm) Loch Arkaig. Visit the Butterfly Conservation reserve at Allt Mhuic, and look for a variety of butterflies, including chequered skipper, as well northern dragonflies. Remember to keep the occasional lookout for eagles. We will also visit a site for possible sea eagles, and, if time, a further chequered skipper site.

Wednesday: Check moth trap

(am) Cuil Bay. Look for emerging Marsh Fritillaries and a variety of other butterflies, including Small Heath and Small Copper. Watch out for divers in the bay, waders, and even otters.

(pm) Stop off to see squirrels at Inchree on way back. Explore Glen Nevis. visit a chequered skipper site and have a walk to the Steall Falls, looking out for further butterflies on the way back.

Thursday: Check moth trap

(am/pm) Visit Glenfinnan, stopping off at Callop for a quick look for butterflies and dragonflies on the way. Explore the area around the Glenfinnan viaduct, before venturing up Loch Eil. Stop at Kinlocheil for a look at the saltmarshes (greenshank, lapwing, teal). Look out for otters whilst driving along the loch. Explore the beautiful glen at Stronchreggan for butterflies and early orchids. Possible further stop at Glen Gour, if time. Visit a seal colony and admire the black guillemots at Ardgour, before returning on the Corran Ferry.

Friday: Check Moth Trap. Depart
Other options – Glasdrum, Torlundy, Drumnadrochit if weather improves.


Chequered Skipper Butterfly break

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