A wealth of wildlife is present in the Lochaber area including local specialities such as golden eagle, sea eagle, osprey, pine marten, wild cat, otter, the chequered skipper butterfly and the azure hawker dragonfly. We also have a wonderful coastline, islands and a marine habitat that contains whales, dolphins, basking sharks and a host of sea birds. The wide variety of habitats from the alpine arctic mountain tops to lowland bogs and Atlantic oak woodlands provide a wealth of opportunity for a range of rare plants including diapensia, unique to Lochaber, and orchids such as Lapland marsh orchid.

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two otters
Seasonal Highlights

The following is a rough guide to what our guests might expect to see in each month of the year. Exact timings will vary and are influenced greatly by the weather. The ye… View Details

Nevis Range from Glen Loy
Wildlife of Glen Loy

Glen Loy can be thought of as a Highlands landscape in miniature. The River Loy tumbles through a wooded corridor of oak, birch, alder and hazel to join the River Lochy, … View Details

Small pearl-bordered fritillary on cuckoo flower

Lochaber Butterflies The West Highlands contain a wide range of semi-natural habitats and most of the land is relatively unimproved, making the area a stronghold for man… View Details

pine marten portrait
Pine Martens

Love them or loathe them, there is no denying that pine martens are very attractive animals. These cat-sized members of the weasel family have lovely chocolate brown coat… View Details

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