• Winter conditions, with snow and frost. Clear still conditions produce hoar frost and perfect sea visibility.
  • Otters visible around coasts
  • Mergansers, eider and goldeneye displaying.
  • Deer feed on low ground.
  • Bird feeders busy
  • Mixed tit flocks include great spotted woodpecker, treecreeper and goldcrest
  • Family groups of whooper swans use specific lochs


  • Divers and sea ducks accumulate off sea walls at Mallaig
  • Eagles start tumbling displays
  • Red squirrels active on warmer days and mating chases ensue
  • Hard weather brings occasional yellowhammer, thrushes and redpoll to feeders
  • Other winter ducks on local lochs might include scaup and tufted duck


  • Red deer looking for food, very visible
  • Siskins flock to feeders
  • Ravens, crossbill and dippers start nesting
  • Black-throated and red-throated divers start to return to lochs
  • First overwintering butterflies and bees emerge
  • Moths nectar on hazel and willow catkins
  • Frogs spawn along all the forestry ditches
  • Pine marten kits born
  • Brown hares box

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