• Bog asphodel dominates the hillsides
  • Sundews flower
  • Greater butterfly orchid in flower
  • Eagle and osprey young fledge
  • Large rafts of feeding shearwaters and young auks off the coast.
  • Mountain ringlet, large heath and northern brown argus peak early in month, scotch argus emerges later.
  • Whales and basking sharks feeding around Small Isles
  • Beautiful demoiselle on wing in Morvern


  • Young eagles flying
  • Peak period for cetacean watching including dolphins and porpoise with calves
  • Migratory shearwaters and skuas in passage
  • Roe deer rut, bucks active
  • Late summer flowers include displays of devil’s-bit scabious, knapweed and harebell
  • Heather moorland turns purple
  • Large flocks of moulting eider in sea lochs
  • Purple hairstreak flying in oak canopies of Sunart


  • Berries provide feast for many, including nimble pine martens
  • Bracken turns golden
  • Summer migrants start to flock before departing, including late ospreys.
  • Lots of young raptors about to coincide with flocking pipits preparing to leave the glens
  • Blackcock back on lek after moulting
  • Cetaceans and sharks still feeding in warm seas until equinox.
  • Pine marten kits fully grown and more independent
  • Peak in dragonfly numbers, with species including common and southern hawker, Highland and black darter

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